Building Websites with a Focus on Training

So, you’ve got this brand new beautiful website but now your current specials are changing so it needs to be updated. You call your web company to update some text on the page, they update it and you get a $500 bill in the mail the following week.

That’s how it works right? WRONG (or at least it should be wrong).

How TMO is Different

At TMO World, we take the time to ensure each and every one of our web clients is equipped with the knowledge to update their website through their CMS (content management system) at the end of each project. We build websites to be 100% owned by the client, truly 100% owned.

Part of that 100% is giving our clients the power to update their websites as needed without having to come to us and be charged for maintenance fees.

Training Manuals

As a website project is wrapped up, we provide each client with a CMS training manual. The training manual walks clients through the backend of their site page by page, pointing out any important aspects of a particular page.

For local clients, we then schedule an in-person meeting to walk them through the backend of their site and the CMS training manual. For clients far from us, we do CMS training via video conference or conference call.

We follow the motto, “education is power.” We don’t stop educating at our internal team; it’s important that our clients are included in the mix too. We often work with small businesses that have budget constraints… we can relate; we are also a small business so we understand how to make the best use of the money that is available for a project.

It’s important to us that our clients do not feel “trapped” by our services, but rather feel empowered and excited about the new product they own, their website.

Questions to Ask Web Development Companies

Searching for a new website? Be sure to ask each company you meet with these questions:

  1. Is my site going to be built using a CMS? 
  2. Will you train me how to use the CMS before the project wraps up? 
  3. What fees will I incur after the website is live if I ask you to update the site?

Ensure that you, the client, are educated on the website design and development process before jumping into building a new website. Remember, education is power.